Pottery Classes


All classes have been postponed due to COVID-19.  I have enjoyed teaching classes for many years and getting to know all my students. I am currently in the process of moving and re-thinking my teaching practices. I will update this page when I have a clearer picture. Please see below for an example of my previous class structure. 

Beginner Class - 7 Week Session

This class is designed for the beginner. No prior experience with clay is required but those with experience are welcome too! We will go over a variety of techniques, including throwing pottery on the wheel, hand-building, trimming, decoration and glazing. You will learn to make your very own cups, bowls and vases!

Intermediate Class - 7 Week Session

Taken a pottery class or 2 before and looking to up your game? This class is designed for people looking to further their skills in clay. I will be going over making larger pieces, fine tuning your throwing technique, how to make pouring vessels and lidded forms as well as advanced decorative techniques. You can still make lots of cups and bowls or work on your own special project!


I'm moving! Stay tuned for more information about my new location in Williams Mill Creative Studios.

About the instructor...

I have over 20 years of experience working with clay and I've developed many different skills and techniques during this time. I design my classes to be for beginners, however I am happy to include advanced techniques to those with prior experience working with clay. 

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